Ten Dead Rats | Season 02 Episode 07

Wandering DMs
Ten Dead Rats | Season 02 Episode 07

Wrapping things up in Kemperbad the group returns to river travel once more, but will they travel up the Stir towards the Barren Hills, or up the Reik to Grissenwald? Can the dwarves of Grissenwald offer any aid, or is such a journey just a flimsy excuse for Bruno to seek the attentions of a certain lady halfling?

Join us in the latest installment of our Original Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer Fantasy mash-up, and delight in the shenanigans of a group of so-called adventurers continuously find themselves in over their heads. With each new location the group finds more wild antics, and somehow inevitably, yet another bizarre costume change for our favorite halfling doctor.

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