• Episode 30: Time

    Dan and Paul discuss the passage of time in D&D games, from hours of torchlight, to weeks of spell research, to what their game calendars look like.

  • Episode 29: Horror Gaming

    Dan and Paul discuss horror in roleplaying games, if D&D is a horror setting, and make several other exciting announcements.

  • Episode 28: DH Boggs

    Dan and Paul are joined by special guest DH Boggs to discuss the history of D&D as run by Dave Arneson. Links from the Show DH Boggs’ publications at DriveThruRPG The Secrets of Blackmoor documentary

  • Episode 27: Gaming Gear

    Dan and Paul discuss the gear they’ve bought for gaming over the years – what works, what doesn’t, and what has turned out to be just plain silly.

  • Episode 25: Mind Control

    Dan and Paul discuss magic that takes over your character, from paralysis to charm, and how to deal with it from both the player and DM’s perspective.

  • Episode 24: Metagaming

    Dan and Paul discuss metagaming in D&D – what it is, how to prepare for it, and how to deal with it when it catches you by surprise.

  • Episode 23: Introducing New Characters

    Dan and Paul discuss how to introduce new characters into a game, whether due to new players showing up to the table or an unexpected character death mid-game.

  • Episode 22: Basic Dice Math

    Dan discusses the basics of D&D dice math and probability, and dispels some common misunderstandings. There will be a quiz! Torben Mogensen’s Troll dice roller: http://hjemmesider.diku.dk/~torbenm/Troll/ Second Best D&D Adventure podcast: https://secondbestdnd.simplecast.com/ Paul’s Gameblog: https://www.paulsgameblog.com/

  • Episode 21: DM’s Role

    Dan and Paul discuss what is unique about the role of the DM at the table, and why they enjoy DMing games.