• Episode 22: Basic Dice Math

    Dan discusses the basics of D&D dice math and probability, and dispels some common misunderstandings. There will be a quiz! Torben Mogensen’s Troll dice roller: http://hjemmesider.diku.dk/~torbenm/Troll/ Second Best D&D Adventure podcast: https://secondbestdnd.simplecast.com/ Paul’s Gameblog: https://www.paulsgameblog.com/

  • Episode 21: DM’s Role

    Dan and Paul discuss what is unique about the role of the DM at the table, and why they enjoy DMing games.

  • Episode 20: Humor in Gaming

    Dan and Paul discuss Humor in Gaming, including systems that have supported to to various degrees, and how best to write and prepare for including humor in your game.

  • Episode 19: D&D Art (1974-1980)

    Dan is joined by guest artist and educator Isabelle Garbani, who works from Brooklyn in sculpture, recycled materials, and public installations. Together they look at and discuss the evolution of D&D art in the 0th and 1st Editions of the…

  • Episode 18: Player vs. Character

    Dan and Paul discuss the separation of player and character – should you do it, when should you do it, and what problems does it create or solve?

  • Episode 17: Sub Classes

    Paul and Dan discuss additional classes beyond the big four – from AD&D sub-classes to the current list on D&D Beyond.

  • Episode 16: Learning D&D

    Dan and Paul discuss how they were first exposed to the hobby, and how that process has changed for new players over the years.

  • Episode 15: Infravision

    Dan and Paul discuss infravision in old school D&D. We touch on combat vs. exploration, how it plays into other visibility effects such as invisibility and detection magic, and a variety of other related topics.