Keith Ammann | MOAR! Monsters Know What They’re Doing | Wandering DMs S03 E45

Wandering DMs Season 03
Wandering DMs Season 03
Keith Ammann | MOAR! Monsters Know What They're Doing | Wandering DMs S03 E45

Dan & Paul chat with special guest Keith Ammann, author of the acclaimed book & blog, The Monsters Know What They’re doing, about his upcoming sequel MOAR! We’ll get into how Keith has advanced the state of the art for 5E monster tactics, special environments to watch out for, and best to use some old-school monsters in your 5E D&D games.

Wandering DMs Paul Siegel and Dan “Delta” Collins host thoughtful discussions on D&D and other TTRPGs every week. Comparing the pros and cons of every edition from the 1974 Original D&D little brown books to cutting-edge releases for 5E D&D today, we broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch so we can take viewer questions and comments on the topic of the day. Live every Sunday at 1 PM Eastern time.

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