Necromancer Games | Whisper & Venom | Wandering DMs S04 E29

Wandering DMs Season 04
Necromancer Games | Whisper & Venom | Wandering DMs S04 E29

Dan & Paul chat with Zach Glazar of Necromancer Games on their new Kickstarter!

Whisper & Venom, the acclaimed adventure setting, is being resurrected and expanded for Fifth Edition and Old-School Essentials. Originally released in 2013 by Necromancer Games’ very own Zach Glazar under his publishing venture Lesser Gnome, Whisper & Venom’s success was a surprise to everybody, especially its author. After many years of disingenuous promises, Whisper & Venom is here, and it is bigger, better, and more beautiful than ever.

It will be a full-color, hardcover book written for Old-School Essentials by Necrotic Gnome or the ever-popular Fifth Edition system. In addition, many of the options from the 2013 project will be available as add-ons, including the 28mm miniatures featuring a selection of notorious adversaries and hapless NPCs that appear inside the adventure. This new batch of 28mm miniatures will be cast from the original masters by Valiant Enterprises.

Whisper & Venom was written by Zach Glazar and John Hammerle as a tribute to the fantasy adventures and roleplaying game accessories of the 1980s. Following its release, Whisper & Venom proved to be a well-received title that was played and discussed more often than anyone, especially its author, expected. And we’ll dig into Zach’s thought process on that!

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