2019 Birthday Liveplay Podcast

In July of 2019, the Wandering DMs attempted their first every Actual Play stream. And what a stream it was. Gathered live at Paul’s house for his annual birthday glut of D&D, Dan, Max, Lauren, Christian, Mike, and sometimes special guest Colleen played a whopping 24 hours of OD&D. And it was glorious.

You can watch the entire thing on YouTube still, but our patrons requested an audio podcast form, and because we’ll do anything for our patrons, here it is! It is presented in all its original unmastered glory, which is to say, full of technical problems as we figured out how to run our first live stream ever. The first three episodes definitely have some reverb problems, sorry about that, but if you can make it through them, we promise starting with episode 4 it gets much better.

Without further ado, here is the audio:

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