Shannon Applecline | Designers & Dragons | Wandering DMs S02 E44

Wandering DMs
Shannon Applecline | Designers & Dragons | Wandering DMs S02 E44

Dan & Paul speak with special guest Shannon Applecline — author of the 4-volume series (and counting!) Designers & Dragons, the most encyclopedic overview to date of RPG companies, products, and history across the decades. Plus he wrote all of the retrospective backgrounds for classic D&D products on the DM’s Guild, DriveThruRPG, and D&D Classics websites. We caught up with him on the numerous books he’s in the process of writing now: more updates and deep-dive to Designers & Dragons, the TSR Codex, a compendium on the works of Michael Moorcock (Elric and Stormbringer!), thoughts on publishing for TTRPGs today, and a whole lot more.

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