Prepping Modules | Learning the Script | Wandering DMs S03 E16

Wandering DMs Season 03
Wandering DMs Season 03
Prepping Modules | Learning the Script | Wandering DMs S03 E16

What notes do you make when preparing to run a published module? Do you find it’s necessary for every adventure you run, or do you manage to avoid it most of the time? What format of adventure publication works best to reduce advance note-taking? Do you like more text or less? Dan and Paul share and debate our differing opinions, with the help of our viewers.

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Wandering DMs Paul Siegel and Dan “Delta” Collins host thoughtful discussions on D&D and other TTRPGs every week. Comparing the pros and cons of every edition from the 1974 Original D&D little brown books to cutting-edge releases for 5E D&D today, we broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch so we can take viewer questions and comments on the topic of the day. Live every Sunday at 1 PM Eastern time.

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  • Paul

    So glad you’re enjoying the show! Are you listening to the podcast right here through the website, or something like iTunes or Spotify? I’m listening to this episode on this page right now as I write this, and am about 10 minutes in with no problems so far.

    If the web player here is causing you problems, you might try hitting the “Download File” link and then playing it locally on your computer, or hit one of the links in the “Listen To Us” section on the right to try one of the third party players. I just tried the Spotify web player, and was able to scrub forward 15 and 30 minute without any issue.

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