Episode 19: D&D Art (1974-1980)

Wandering DMs Season 01
Episode 19: D&D Art (1974-1980)

Dan is joined by guest artist and educator Isabelle Garbani, who works from Brooklyn in sculpture, recycled materials, and public installations. Together they look at and discuss the evolution of D&D art in the 0th and 1st Editions of the game (1974-1980). A stark contrast in Dan’s decades of awareness of those art pieces, and Isabelle’s observations seeing them for the first time. Things get heated! Opinions expressed not necessarily those of Wandering DMs.

We should also mention that Isabelle teaches art courses at Wagner College on Staten Island, NY — notably, the site of the first release of the Holmes Basic D&D set (Origins ’77)! See more of Isabelle’s work at: http://www.isabellegarbani.com/

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