Eat, Plague, Love | A Pandemic Valentine | Wandering DMs S03 E07

Wandering DMs Season 03
Eat, Plague, Love | A Pandemic Valentine | Wandering DMs S03 E07

A Valentine’s Day special: Dan is joined by Brooklyn food artist Isabelle Garbani to talk about food and surviving a plague in the Middle Ages. Gather your loved ones close for this one. Where are those disease tables?

Thy Links, As Thou Wishest:

“Introduction to the Decameron” by Rivka Galchen —
“What We Eat During a Plague” by Michael Snyder —
Decameron on the Web at Brown University —

The Forme of Cury: A Roll of Ancient English Cookery Compiled, about A.D. 1390 —
Le viandier de Taillevent by Taillevent (in French) —
Sur les routes du Pays Cathare (making bread with ancient grains, in French) —

D&D Art (1974-1980) with Dan & Isabelle —
Food in D&D (WDMs’ White Gold Cookie recipe) —
Isabelle’s Cow and Covid19 channel (pandemic & puppets) —

Thanks to viewer Jerry McDonnell for the title to this episode —

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