Action Economy 2 | Second Attacks | Wandering DMs S02 E37

Action Economy 2 | Second Attacks | Wandering DMs S02 E37

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Dan and Paul once again spar over how much stuff you can do in one round of D&D. Do you like your fighters with fractional attacks, double attacks, attacks by weapon type, or as many attacks as they have levels? Should wizards be limited to one spell or not? How many attacks are reasonable for which monsters, and when? Does your Big Bad always need an army of mooks to fend off the PCs?

Wandering DMs Paul Siegel and Dan “Delta” Collins host thoughtful discussions on D&D and other TTRPGs every week. Comparing the pros and cons of every edition from the 1974 Original D&D little brown books to cutting-edge releases for 5E D&D today, we broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch so we can take viewer questions and comments on the topic of the day. Live every Sunday at 1 PM Eastern time.

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