• Episode 15: Infravision

    Dan and Paul discuss infravision in old school D&D. We touch on combat vs. exploration, how it plays into other visibility effects such as invisibility and detection magic, and a variety of other related topics.

  • Episode 12: Henchmen

    Dan and Paul discuss the pros and cons of hiring in some help to your D&D adventuring party.

  • Episode 11: Intelligent Swords

    Dan and Paul discuss the frequency of intelligent swords, their powers, how to adjudicate battles for control, and share some stories of using intelligent swords in their own games. Visit Paul’s Gameblog for: A comparison of contested will rules across…

  • Episode 6: Hex Crawls

    Dan and Paul discuss their experiences playing and running hex-crawls. They explore what worked, what didn’t, and give advice on what they think makes for a really good hex-crawl adventure.