• Doug Vehovec | Season 02 Episode 28

    New podcast available! In this episode Dan and Paul are joined by Doug Vehovec of @Nerdarchy for some discussion about blogging, Marvel FASERIP, and a whole lot more!

  • Ten Dead Rats | Season 02 Episode 01

    The gang is back, well, most of them. They spend some quiet time together as guests of Franc, and perhaps promise a little more in return than they’re comfortable with, before finally deciding to leave Altdorf.

  • Dungeon of Zulkir | Season 02 Episode 27

    Special live play birthday session! Paul & Dan are joined by guests Colleen, Andriy, Fury, and (disinvited artist) Isabelle to play in the Cheat Your Own Adventure storytelling system. What path would you take? Cheat Your Own Adventure 10 Dead…

  • Trading | Season 02 Episode 26

    Dan & Paul discuss injecting trade and economic options as part of your D&D game; things we’ve done right, things we’ve done wrong. What’s the best way to deliver it to players who want it? Trade on the Reik @…

  • Ten Dead Rats | Season 01 Episode 23

    In the Season 1 finale, Yeffi goes off on a mysterious errand with Franc, while the rest of the gang heads over to The Cracked Tavern to meet Drachilda. It does not go quite as they expected.