• Ernie Gygax | Season 02 Episode 19

    Dan and Paul get and in-depth chat with special guest Ernie Gygax about his role in developing classic D&D, DM’ing for big dungeons groups, his most recent and current projects, and a whole lot more. Marmoreal Tomb @ Kickstarter —…

  • Ten Dead Rats | Season 01 Episode 16

    Yeffi makes contact with the Thieves Guild of Bogenhafen, and proves to be an incredibly competent thief. With new friends in tow, the gang puts together a very lucrative job.

  • Ten Dead Rats | Season 01 Episode 15

    With Yeffi off visiting friends at the Crossed Pikes, the remainder of the group follows up with their friends at the Physicians Guild, meets some members of the Stevedores Guild, and takes another trip down a stinking hole.

  • Toby Drewry | Season 02 Episode 17

    Dan and Paul talk to Toby Drewry, lead developer of the d20Pro virtual tabletop, and CEO of Mesa Mundi Inc. A deep dive into theory and use of VTT’s. Check out d20Pro here (free 30-day trial download, and on sale…

  • Miniatures | Season 02 Episode 16

    Dan and Paul discuss the use of miniatures in D&D, how to find the balance between supporting visually complex set pieces and quick on-the-fly encounters, and how it all translates into virtual gaming.

  • Adriel Wilson | Season 02 Episode 15

    Dan and Paul talk to Adriel Wilson of 9th Level Games about heightening narrative aspects in games, constructing ongoing stories, comic books, novel dice mechanics, and more. More 9th Level Games: https://www.9thlevel.com/