• Web DM Jim | Season 02 Episode 11

    Web DM Jim joins Dan & Paul to discuss the interplay between 0E and 5E game styles, old-school sensibility, and bringing maximum drama and tension to the table and streams. Web DM on YouTube: https://youtube.com/webdm Web DM Patreon: https://patreon.com/webdm

  • Ten Dead Rats | Season 01 Episode 08

    The gang tracks down the mysterious men with itchy ears, and makes a grisly discovery. Editor’s Note — we had a rogue microphone generating some static mid-game. It does eventually get taken care of, but we apologize for the chunk…

  • Zenopus Archives | Season 02 Episode 10

    Dan and Paul discuss Holmesian Basic D&D and The 5E Ruined Tower of Zenopus with author and Holmes historian Zach Howard. Zenopus Archives Website: http://zenopusarchives.blogspot.com/ Ruined Tower of Zenopus on DM’s Guild: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/301308/The-Ruined-Tower-of-Zenopus

  • TotalCon 34 | Season 02 Episode 08

    Dan and Paul speak like from the convention floor of TotalCon 34. They discuss the many games Paul ran, the problem of communicating game style in a convention blurb, meeting up with patrons, and much more!

  • XP Awards | Season 02 Episode 07

    Paul and Dan discuss the merits of different XP award systems: How to weight monsters, treasures, and magic. Points vs. milestones. Linear vs. geometric progressions. And lots more.

  • Emma Lambert and Attending Conventions | Season 02 Episode 06

    Dan and Paul are joined by Web DM Communications Director Emma Lambert, and they discuss the ins and outs of attending gaming conventions. Editor’s Note: We had some audio issues during the first half of this video. I processed the…